[Disaster / outage: how cool the fridge

The Pacific northeast regional earthquake”.
Planned power outage conducted in Tokyo metropolitan area, and Northeast.
How to cool off without compromising the refrigerator temperature during power outages Easily will introduce.

Materials required

  • Ice 2-4
  • As possible into the freezer, ice


  1. First of all, always keep refrigerated ice in the freezer. Leave possible ice in the freezer froze.
  2. Power outage occured, started
    First of all,
      The freezer
      Refrigerated and kept cool, 2-3 Please put the falsity 2-3 refrigerator.
  3. [Freezer]
      Please distribute ice had frozen in the freezer. Because the effect of refrigerated frozen food that keep would be better.

Notes and tips

  • Refrigerator and freezer doors are open during the blackout
  • Lasts only about 3-5 hours.
  • Power outages after recovering frozen ice is back into the freezer!


Under these circumstances, or disaster preparation So when the response is considered to always have can.


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