Wings with dumplings recipe

Introduces the dream wings with dumplings baked towards.

Dozens of times that you try baked finally!

   • Materials
   10-12 Dumplings (homebrew and commercial)
   Sesame oil small amounts
   About 2 cups salad oil tablespoon
   Water 100 cc

Tablespoons of approximately 1 cup flour (thin power)

• Steps

1, Bake ordered, dumplings, frying oil, over medium heat until burnt color touch bottom.

After 2, burnt color sink beaten flour water and put the lid and oven over medium heat.
     Will 3-4 minutes after the half, bubbles in rise in flour and water.

Removed the lid and lock turn sesame oil pot along.
     4, Sesame oil and pour around becomes crisp.

Until the moisture evaporates completely after that, when burned to a crisp taste grilled color burn. 5, Pans, covered the lid, upset the lets dumplings on the lid.
     From the top of the lid

It is completion, move it so that they lose their footing on your plate.

• Coco point
   Anyway if you defended above is fine
   By normally used pans of water quality, etc. Made changes so please be careful.


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