Because the Giants fans Ishikawa Masaki wanted Tokyo Yakult Swallows

The Tokyo Yakult Swallows ACE
Ishikawa Masaki (nicknamed: bonito ※) that is big Giants fan from the old.

But Yakult was requested the tryout. 

For such reasons as was and check if you wish to joining Yakult.
When elected in Olympic Japan when the amateur era of University students
That age was still joint pro-am team.
At the time, formed a was positive Yakult catcher atsuya Furuta and battery
When to throw ball got out
Is tasted the pleasure never felt in the life of the pitcher.
And reason, if you’re into pro would have received ball Furuta

It is hoped joining Yakult.
Is still at that time, so had or more adult players hope joining frame system (inverse nomination system)

Is that hope was joined to the Yakult.
[Profiles: Masaki Ishikawa]
Masaki Ishikawa ( Masayasu Masa Nori, 1/22/1980-), belonging to the Tokyo Yakult Swallows professional baseball players (by pitcher).


From the Petite build 167 cm nominal catch phrases such as “little giants” are used.
Birthplace: Akita, Akita
Date of birth: 1/22/1980
Height: 167 cm

Weight: 70 kg
※ The reason is known as Katsuo In 2005, off colleagues Kawashima Makoto, Satoshi komeno, nickname and “Skipjack” Aoki, named from the appearance is similar to isono Skipjack Norichika Aoki and pre-season when the character of Sazae-San. Mark designed bonito fish Singlet also seems like the wear of Ishikawa’s neck in. Going to also use “Skipjack”, such as the baseball team also release “カツオボーイ figure” 2009 anime fanservice. Brimmed baseball mascot of Yakult’s ninth Shiro also are called “bonito-Kun”.

From source: wikipedia


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