Adults of recommended inspirational books

Introduce recommended books children as well as adults can be touched.

Yoko Sano cat-living 1 million times

Cat it 1 million times reborn. With a striped cat that one got really wanted something…
Is the story so that you can and difficult to interpret, think this is what you get each person. Picture of adult cry, by all means.

ワウシュヴィッツ-Yoshikawa love step

The number of cats and dogs will be culled, in behind the glamorous pet industry annual 300000 head said.
Is it conveys feelings of dog will be culled to take the hand book. Please try reading the who likes animals.

Friend and-Uchida Lin taro

And talented Yoko Hayama’s story of finding Fox’s real friend. Warming, such as heart-friendly book.

Dharma-Chan and Yuriko Kako-broom-CHAN-

What like a broom’s belongings while devising the Dharma Chan wanting to mimic the broom-CHAN’s friends continue into the hand.
You’ll admire frowned without imitating the naughty Dharma Chan broom also adorable.

Stars Prince customers-Saint Exupéry

Is the Royal Road book for adults and one book. The book teaches the very deep and important. Please read if you never read once!.
This book we read, repeated 3 2 degrees, Wow so far was last 気づけ is where you can find.


Childhood is very good picture touched that, become adults also read books and exceptional taste. Even resisted it and enjoy picture books can be read as an adult that!.


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