Reuse again planted “root bought leeks”…

Do not throw away part of root, leeks have been bought in supermarkets. It is just a waste. Gotta see reuse ones can be used as much as possible.

This cold weather increases from this period. I think with home made delicious Soba and Udon was also increasing. So essential condiment is the leek. Even much more expensive ingredients, leek is turned off and somehow a little sad is will.
Is that leek, throw it away is usually gets “part of the root”. But wait a minute. For its root part try keep planting suitable location who garden at the House. Also we planted a still applicable to apartments, as small planters.
Water even if it sometimes, in the State after will play at Leek it freely, fine cut from intact. You can experience the best scissors hand yourself to see eating well, home of sanuki udon TV something in the scene, using just the onion coming off into a bowl, eat it too.


In small leeks people buy just a bunch of Ozawa’s troublesome-, and can. So so onion grown in house at if using only the amount of readily fly Cho is useful. If ago planting time as availabe a little, I find you soak water into a Cup.


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