Going to see a large eel Ikeda lakes in Kagoshima, Satsuma peninsula [SL]

Kyushu’s Lake Ikeda in the Satsuma peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture. Is a lake with beautiful Mt. kaimon is called ‘ Satsuma Fuji ‘. Here are popular creatures.

The creature is a giant eel 2 m length, 50 cm too girth. People had once made noise in the phantom Monster isshii is the eel’s favorite.
I tried was previously around Kyushu bikes at stop. Near the Lake and go, first attached to it is a noble has written several kiosks and built there a large eel. Wider big tank was arranged in front of the store. And look in the big ones with log Poles like dark gray was lying. It was a large eel.
It would grow so big, what? , And was just wondering.
However, and was originally a type of large eel eel, we usually eat seems to be quite different. Okay why are many retail stores around at random.
Ikeda around the Lake include the JR Nishi-ōi station located in the southernmost tip of Mainland and ibusuki Onsen is famous for a sand bath. You can go biking, road and kaimon-Dake, running around the circumference of the mountain. Narrow roads, grass and thick, tunnel have two places along the way, somewhat dark changed atmosphere and interesting when I ran into.


Incidentally, great eel is eating, eat natural monument is currently punished.

Broiled to seem useful 150 minutes, and ate it seems as the imagination in writing. System of Government Office: Kagoshima, ibusuki City Lake Ikeda


[“Ikeda googleMap = name”, ibusuki-Shi Ikeda Lake [/googleMap]


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