Type of computer virus

Say computer virus and the bite there are actually various kinds. But while properly understanding and notice I’m infected?


As the name suggests, is a virus’s scamper across “bugs”. Move your PC and network from guests and infected was named.
Rogue programs to work alone in this, network be infected with spam. Would be biggest threats and infectious. As an archetypal approach to mass is distributed via email. So wrong’m attachment does not open.

Trojan horse

Because “Trojan” that became a movie and you know that there isn’t or?
Is a story of coming to the epic of ancient Greek poet Homer’s “Iliad”. Greek army went put huge soldiers hidden in the Trojan beside Troy is there was a war between Greeks and Trojans City-States. Troy side delighted is that were destroyed by forces of Greece came out about the attack from inside is put in the city as war booty,.

Unknowingly now call dig into your computer to the evil rogue programs Trojan like this.
However, this Trojan will never voluntarily spread the infection. Before you run the program picked up on the net to put the virus check!

Virus hoaxes

The virus say this is not a program. It is truly a hoax.
Virus information and teach how to deal with fake, is to remove the program required by the users themselves.
NET filled with information about the frog, properly check before they blindly.
Especially check Twitter spread hope information is neatly spread.


And free software comes with the program for personal information retrieval. Still, taking the license properly ( and long-winded though is is that let someone license message only ) installs.

That was originally classified in the virus is, for you that can adversely affect your computer virus like now labelled. In the anti-virus software corresponding recently.


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