Drop those tropical fish tank water stain and stubborn Moss

I think there are a lot of people are scratching their heads to deal with, and is breeding tropical fish water stain and MOSS attached to the tank. Then introduces the way my doing water stain and MOSS measures.

Materials required

  • Melamine sponge
  • Rod Hardy in easy-to-have
  • Nylon string


  1. Melamine sponge off of any size, くくりつけます nylon string, sticks.
  2. 擦れば the location of the target using it, than the other way is effective.

Notes and tips

  • So make a bigger reach details enough to consider size.


Is hear voices “from the abrasive contains a melamine sponge to wound acrylic tank, I maintain melamine sponge acrylic aquarium glass tanks even, in my environment when not about the wound. Please measures are concerned about people in other ways. Also adversely affect never uses many years ago came in vivo.



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