Scalping the Eggplant

Points can be easily shell the Eggplant is.

FRY in oil

When you make such as Eggplant salad, rolling Eggplant on the Web to become guilty truth until… make Baked Eggplant, huh? It is quite time-consuming.
It is skin peel off to clean the short period of time should FRY in the oil.
Chopped off a little bit up and down eggplant, will two long cuts abruptly to the skin.
Prevent skin ruptures (for) In a 180-degree oil-fried.
Occasionally rolling oil evenly into like fire.
Shoichi bubbles when stood unbroken skin per OK signal. When will peeled by hand from the lower cold take into layers intact.

I’m burnt skin for roasted eggplant, hard to peel. And it is abruptly this way straight. But far smoother if you still think the effort and time is reduced and evenly into fire, and, using oil can comfortably.


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