[Pet] to remember something art

If you’re raising pets, though I think I remember something art knoweth will. At least not in art is sometimes want to discipline? When such is the way.

You know what Pavlov’s dogs?
Things like conditioned reflex parlance.
And repeat from ringing the Bell on the bait dog, is that thought the dog get food only in / Bell would like bring yodare流re出masu.
This applies to most animals, after art gives food also applies to this. But is also domiciled have done art first helpless.
So the first out of the specific sound give food. Learn and repeat it a pet when you hear sound my dinner is.
Up there saying, more than half of such success. Can now close to specific art after ringing the sound here is rice.
Gradually 鳴らさなく sound, at least be understood and specific action to give rice. I will change it gradually and form of art. It is a bit long and will remember.


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