Please summarize parking information of surrounding Saitama Super Arena Saitama city, Saitama Prefecture .

Please help so I summarized the Saitama Super arena parking around.

At the Saitama Super Arena seating chart is here.
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At the Saitama Super arena parking

Keep the two underground parking is at the Saitama Super arena.
 For parking spaces to be filled is expected at the event 3 Hours ago in better made.
-Super arena parking
   Price: 1 hour, ¥ 400 after 30 min 200 yen / Parking: 721 units
-Super arena parking
   Price: 1 hour, ¥ 400 after 30 min 200 yen /

Parking capacity: 290

At the Saitama Super arena near parking

-Times at Saitama Shintoshin station
   Arena until about 7 minutes walk.
    So cheap it recommended.
       Fee: day 1, up 700 yen (: 24 hrs)
    00: 00-00: 00 60 分-200 yen

Parking capacity: 290 http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0024515.html

NPC24H Kita Yono par King
   Arena until about 10 minutes on foot.
    So cheap it recommended.
       Price: 100 yen per 30 minutes (time of 8 time-20)
       100 / 120 Minutes (at 20-8 at)
    Maximum charge 24 hour 800 yen per

Parking: 77 units

Ito-Yokado Omiya shop parking lot

Arena until about 5 minutes on foot.
      Price: 2,000 yen purchases if: 1 hour free
      If you buy more than 2,000 yen: 3 hours free
   At 200 yen / 30 minutes


Parking units: 868

Ion ruling shopping center

Arena until about 20 minutes on foot.
  If you use an ion shopping.
  Charge: free

Parking :3,000 units

Omiya station nearby parking

From Omiya station at Saitama Shintoshin Station 2 min. by train. Nearby Omiya station parking lot is.
Omiya-garage pay parking
    Omiya station 5 minutes walk.
       30 Price: 200 yen
    1 Maximum fee 2,000 yen

Parking units: 230

Omiya-garage pay parking
    Omiya station 3 minutes walk.
       Charge: maximum parking lot after 24 hours charge 1,400 Yen
       8:00, 100 Yen
    2:00, 100 Yen

Parking units: 194 http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0004168.html

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