Eye wash in the pool after attention

Risen from the pool to wash the eyes. School, including old from it, while I have been that common sense is being reviewed in the recent

Damage to the eyes by washing with water

Originally, swam in the pool after the objective eye that known risk giving damage to eye rather recent research that has done recently adhered to the eyes, wash out as it is. Surface of the eye is covered by a membrane in the tears, is that oil and water layer and むちん layer 3 layer structure from the outside.
むちん layer politicized takes a bacteria or virus came to the surface of the eye, has ability to drain out as 目ヤニ.
Mucin layer that pulled and wash in tap water contains chlorine, prevent stuff gone viral and bacterial infection rather State becomes.
After washing the eye’s eyes to シパシパ happens from that store water removal of those layers are. How is it done first tap water excessively cleaning purposes due to these reasons, refrained from is good.
However, these are stories in General Japan water-managed pool and will be better if you swim like that murky water dirty pool or River clean said washed the eyes.


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