[Parking] Hiroshima tried to summarize the parking information around the big arch Hiroshima Prefecture .

Please help so I summarized the 39th Hiroshima around the parking.

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Hiroshima big arch parking

Big arch gate parking area
   Stadium until 3 minutes on foot.
   Charge: free Parking capacity: about 700
Tennis parking
   Big arch until 5 minutes on foot.
   Charge: free Parking lot approximately 200 vehicles.
7-Eleven next to the temporary parking lot
   Big arch until 15 minutes on foot.
   Charge: free Parking: approximately 500 units
Westerly city IC temporary parking lot
   At about shuttle 15 minutes until the big arch.
   Charge: free

Parking around 1100 units. http://www.Sanfrecce.co.jp/support/stadium/bigarch_access.html

Hiroshima City Centre parking

Hiroshima City Centre parking, so might not leave your temporary parking lot, hikers, One hand is on the astram line goes to the stadium.
[Hondori station or kenchomae station]
  In 470 Yen in about 35 minutes way from the station hondori station or capital before the stadium station
  Metropolitan Park before it arrives at station.
    -Based on city クレドパーキング
    30 Price: 220 Yen Parking units: 536
Hiroshima Center building
    30 Price: 220 Yen Parking: 320 units
Hiroshima prefectural General gymnasium
    30 Price: 220 Yen


Parking capacity: 200 cars http://www.pacela.jp/?CN=100182

[Hiroshima Station] in 690 Yen in about 40 minutes from Hiroshima Station way of stadium railway station Metropolitan Park before it arrives at station.
-Hiroshima Station Shinkansen exit
    30 Price: 150 yen

Parking: 40 units http://www.city.Hiroshima.LG.jp/www/contents/0000000000000/1195536687655/index.html

-Fukumitsu times おぐら
    30 Price: 200 yen (up to 1 day 1,000 yen)

Parking units: 41 http://times-info.NET/map/parkdetails/BUK0021905.html

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