I summarized the Nagoya Aichi Prefecture dome parking area.

Please help so I summarized the Nagoya dome parking.

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Nagoya dome parking

Dragons games will be held if > price: ¥ :2,500 (1 times)
※ Tickets PIA, you can book.


チケットぴあ http://dragons.jp/nagoyadome/access.html
“If the game was not held > 300 yen / 30 minutes http://www.Nagoya-dome.co.jp/jigyo/access.htm

Shenzhen parking

Fine in the South of the dome of the large parking area.
Bookable by phone. http://www.Fukagawa.wonderjulia.com/

Put parking only

The rice store North of the dome.
Bookable by phone http://www.usiwakamaru.or.jp/~komemitu/

Miyako sure parking

Iwama parking

Located on the West side of the dome. http://www.Pearl-s.co.jp/Iwama/

Ozone road car park

Nagoya dome 25 minutes walk from \100/20 minutes
5 Times more than 500, \1 and cheap. http://www.parking.or.jp/parking/Aichi.htm

Yata parking

Suzuki car park

Software industrial Nagoya plant operated parking

1 2500 Yen, Nagoya dome next location conditions http://blog.Livedoor.jp/ueno10/archives/688562.html


• Private parking around Nagoya Dome ( also houses lend place temporarily available many )
 You can put Nagoya dome surrounding alleys finding many.
Dashed into little people standing with signs.
 ■If you wish to professional baseball games for Nagoya dome parking area
Prevent road congestion and do not arrive soon approaching.
 • Nagoya dome surrounding parking parking is at about 2500 Yen General Central League games. Vs Giants and Hanshin 3000 yen.
 Far indeed become cheaper, and near the shrine near the JT 2000 yen. And into one from 2000 yen, near the dome of the Yata station subway Nagoya dome Mae lot 1500 yen.

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宿・ホテル予約ならじゃらんnet 楽天トラベル株式会社

◯ summarized at the Nagoya dome parking area Google map.
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