Figure nendoroid nendoroid Petit

Shokugan and clinkety-Clank freebies too elaborate to recently. Small can will also figure again as elaborate.

Nendoroid Puchi Petit and the

Size is about 5-6.
It is very very small but high perfection.
Unit price at about 500 yen. Set sales otherwise the 2,000 to 3,000 yen.


First of all, so this and small.
Nendoroid nendoroid half size only.
Decorating bit is large enough.
That the price is affordable. Nendoroid nendoroid attract more than cheap at collecting the series, only.

Take care

Nendoroids this Petit, is not a limited but
So small should be put in place out of reach of children. Small size gave care lost in part also because it’s better.


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