[Seating chart: Kagoshima Kagoshima Prefecture arena

Introducing the Kagoshima arena seating chart.

Kagoshima arena seating information

※ Depending on the pattern.
http://tamu.biz/Kaijo/kagoare/ ※ Is a seating chart of Chi Zhi FIR concert was held at the 11/2004.

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宿・ホテル予約ならじゃらんnet 楽天トラベル株式会社

Kagoshima arena floor Guide

Kagoshima arena access

 890-0023, Japan
 Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima nagayoshi 1-30-1
[Access map]
At approximately 3 minutes walk bus bus “中草 Muta” future of the future municipal, J R Kyushu bus, said.
Http://www.kagoshima-con.or.jp/facilities/detail.php?id=1&option=1 Kagoshima arena before municipal bus 13.21
[Map] Kagoshima Prefecture Kagoshima nagayoshi 1-Chome 30 [“Kagoshima arena googleMap = name”]-1 [/googleMap]



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