Do it yourself! Cutting those “buzz cut”.

When you clean shaven at home with the clippers, will teach you a little trick.

“What you have”

Adjustable length between 12 mm long from 1 mm… hair clippers are preferred. Mac cat cross… sold in convenience stores, etc., Yes.

Slick gliding materials are preferred. For polluting floor hair fell… newspaper.

Leisure sheet something even better.


Newspaper lay on the floor.

My arm about a RADIUS, a comparatively larger spaces.

Wearing a cute cross perch in front of a mirror. 
See my hair grows and flow towards firmly in the mirror,.

Praised hair, tousled not keep.


On longer than he wants the Clippers started.
Let soaks it up close and clippers, moving slowly and go against the flow of the hair. Head than もみ上げ per side of head start and “or too short, and べぇ star!

“Can be avoided.

Side head and back of the head and hair slowly and carefully.
Go to the zenith of the first side of head and back of the head.

Standard separating the side head and back of the head and the zenith of bees head (strong place rounded) Choi and keep on the good will.
Basic move onto Clippers from below.

As if the clippers, now Clippers moved diagonally upward and from below.

[5] Put the Clippers to zenith.
Set the Clippers 1-2 mm longer than the length of the side head and head shaven.
Begin slowly and forehead’s hairline.

Locate the style, heading there slowly and let us move the Clippers.
Style around the forehead’s hairline is a flow of Mao’s strong points.

Let’s not re-computed to, changing the angle to the Clippers.


Last turn Clippers to hairline forehead, sideburns, and えりあし.
To set the length to 1 mm shorter than the length set in the side head and head,.

By gently touching the hairline about merely moves the Clippers to the good will.
Hairline has long hair is the best NG.

This human effort will increase the perfection dramatically.

After putting the Clippers check in the mirror.
Let’s his head from different angles.
Will good touch.

If they see someone it would be best.


Pluck a hair fell 刈りとって trash burning wrapped in newspaper.

«Let’s review»

Clippers are just let stuck to the scalp, moving slowly toward the style. Johrei, do it yourself! Cutting those “close-cropped” did.


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