[Seating chart: Yokohama arena (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Introducing the Yokohama arena seating chart.

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[Yokohama arena seating information: Please select the area you want to see ※
  (1) 1-5 Higashi, arena, E
  (2) 1-5 North, arena, D
  (3) Minami 1-3, arena, F, box seats 1-6 a

(4) 1-3 Nishi, A arena, and box seats 7-10

Arena seats because there is no figure is moving

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   See tickets for your seats from approximate seating position.
   Seat position to introduce are only approximate what it is.

So the really depends on the event, please.

  ※ Seat from the stage of image and stage patterns and each seat type
  Have a look.
  Seat seat layout of the image click, or thumbnails view stage
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[Yokohama arena event schedule]


[Yokohama arena floor Guide]

Floor guide of the floor is.

[Yokohama arena HP]

[Yokohama arena near hotel information]

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        Location: 222-0033
           Yokohama City kohoku-Ku, Shin Yokohama 3-10,


  [Map] [“Yokohama arena googleMap = name”, Yokohama arena [/googleMap]


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