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It loses, when this information was not known and it says Disneyland?
Although it might be an exaggerated title, and anyone could use, since are not known unexpectedly but possibly some people were losing just for a moment, it collected.

– It did not stand in a line at all, but new “e ticket” which can enter was made.
The ticket of the type which carries out credit purchase of a land or See’s entrance ticket at a house, and it prints with a printer.
Handling was started on April 23, 2011.
It can enter as it is from an entrance, and issue of a fast path is also possible.
Neither a handling fee nor a mailing cost starts.
Purchase is possible to 3:00 on the morning of the day.
Since it is the date reserved seat ticket, it can enter also in restricted admission.
– The “present” land is anywhere known by a Disney portable official site.
The situation of Kon of Disneyland is known with Galapagos carrying at the Disney formal portable site.
It is registration necessity to the MY menu.
Although it is free to use, cost is needed separately.
Although it does not correspond to the smart phone of fashion now, if it refers to a twitter by “#tdl_waittime”, the waiting time which is consulted is known.
– The service which it will show to a seat preferentially if the priority sheeting (PS) restaurant which is not located in a line at a restaurant but, whose meal is ready is reserved in advance and it goes for a designated hour to a store is priority sheeting.
Cancellation of use no charge and reservation does not require a charge, either, but is possible.
(PS setup is not necessarily carried out at all the restaurants.)
– A fast path can be issued using the fast path (FP) entrance ticket which can shorten the waiting time of an attraction.
Waiting for its turn of an attraction can be reduced by FP.
Issue-of-banknotes no charge.
The issue place of FP has riding of an applicable attraction close.
Once it issues FP, by the time it comes to be able to carry out the object for Tsugitoshi, about 2 hours of foundations will be carried out again.
Depending on the case, it can use now earlier.
The time which can be used now is indicated to FP.
– Service which is allowed to sit on the seat single rider [ who can ride on an attraction immediately if riding together with others may be sufficient ] (SR) Surplus preferentially only one person.
A “splash Mountain” setup is carried out.
the cast of an entrance — “a single rider” — a wish — it can rub and use.
Use no charge.
In DisneySea, it is set to an indie, a raging, and 20000 miles of seabeds.
– Kind Disney brand of Disney related hotel around Disney resort 3 hotel, official 6 hotels, and partner 5 hotel are recommendation.
A charge differs from the distance to Park, and a privilege, respectively.
– Mickey Mouse carries cooking at the restaurant “chef Mickey” of Ambassador Hotel with the restaurant to which I get Mickey to carry cooking in a hotel.
Reservation is required.
It is a little expensive slightly.
– The cheap hotel which is around Urayasu can stay around this hotel family resort fifties for Maihama, mice Maihama, dream gate Maihama, and hotel Seaside Edogawa at a low price.
– The name of the nearest station in Tokyo Disneyland?
It is JR Maihama Station.
As for the monorail with the window of Mickey who is running the Disney resort circumference, the Tokyo Disneyland station front turns into a near station.
– IC of a metropolitan high speed nearby to Tokyo Disneyland
From the direction of Tokyo, Maihama IC is near.
However, it may be earlier for a confusion day to be congested, considering an exit, and to access it from Urayasu IC of one beyond, since major traffic jam is carried out to a parking lot also after getting down from a high speed.
– or the number of entrance persons for one year is how much — a land and See — the customers of 25 million people in all comes.
Calculation which an average of 70,000 people per day enter by land + See.
Seemingly, it will become restricted admission if it enters by 1 Park as 80,000 people.
– What kind of people visiting?
Those [ the remainder’s ] who come by a privately-owned car by the family companion from Kanto are trains about 90%.
There are not so many couples.
There are a little more women in case of a sex ratio.
– Opening time and closed garden time are when?
A land has much 8:00?22:00.
Depending on a season, it may finish earlier, or may start late.
In the case of See, there is much 9:00?22:00.
– The method of meeting Mickey Mouse certainly can certainly meet Mickey Mouse, if this method of meeting certainly goes to the greeting institution “meat Mickey” in the Thun town.
I can take a photograph together with Mickey to the digital camera brought only in the family or the couple, and will also have handshaking and a hug carried out.
– What can be got from the character of a greeting
Since the characters who appear in a greeting inside the garden sign, they will bring a pen and an autograph album.
It is the most difficult work that gets a sign from a popular character.
– A commemorative seal is no charge.
A special stamp will be pushed if a postcard is posted from the mailbox in Park.
I will stick and bring a stamp on a postcard by myself.
Since the handle of a stamp changes with seasons, it is good to always have.
It sells, if it cuts with a postcard also within Park.
The mailbox is nonchalantly installed in Schopp’s entrance.
If it searches, it is very well.
– The cast for cleaning is.
There is much cast for cleaning called as it is custodial.
Although it is daytime also, since large-scale cleaning which is not worn in night custodial daytime at night is performed every night, everywhere inside the garden is beautiful.
Rain water and fallen leaves with which this custodial は and the ground were covered may be collected, and Mickey’s silhouette may be drawn.



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