[Gardening] Echinops cultivation method

Introducing the cultivation way of Echinops.


  1. Seeding Sowing period is May-June. So likes slightly alkaline soil, will mixed with a little lime soil. 10, Long before seeds it is mixed with stretchable, よく土.
  2. Planting This becomes three long, its plastic pot, after the fall of 植えつけます garden or pot. Keep raised intact pot in a cold, warm spring time from 植えつけます.
  3. Enjoy the flowers long Flowers, withering cut flower scape per below. So are suitable for cut and dried, will flowers bloom before, can enjoy. When dried, dry airy place, in a short time.


Strongly pests, big, spectacular flowers to 2 m in height, Echinops. Please do try grown at home.


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