[Gardening] Margaret upbringing

Neat and clean flowers blooming in spring and early summer, an impressive Margaret. If stocks gate around will become colorful flower beds, if small stocks. Combined with other flowers or in easy-to-dip?


  1. And to raise Sunny location will be better.
    So weak in hot and humid, airy location is recommended. Severe heat and firmer, flower with growth effect becomes worse.
    Please avoid sunlight during the summer.
    So weak cold winter planted in pots, and should incorporate room alone at night? Plant height extends fall easier to will.
    Consider making props do not fall. Once exceeded 15, spectator shoots, aside is better put out buds.
    So as a result number also increases. From the topsoil is dry water. Weak and humidity so strong drying slightly careful as the rainy season.
  2. -Increase it
    The General increase in cutting experiment. Time before the may flowers. Cut 7-8 cm tip of the shoots, leaves under the leaf number be 3-4. Extrapolate the cups water into it with 2-3 hours and water and damp sand.
    Be careful do not dry in the shade, managing root comes out in about a month. 植えつけましょう pot and garden in June and July. You may enjoy the flower fall by growing.
  3. -Pest notes Sick care is a dieback disease.
    The blight aphid, sentul, spider mites. Forest dieback disease is a stem and leaf spots, dies after illness. Seems prone to summer from the rainy season.
    Unfortunately when withdrawn, but not. Let’s rid of aphids and spider mites insecticide.
    So so let it be and fast more vigilant management. Sentul is the problem a blight. Cannot check for root parasitic insects see the aphids. It is as a preventive measure, have sprayed drug sat.


It is vulnerable to cold and humid environment flowers.
However, no hand there until you clear it.
Fertilizers can be improved mildly humid less okay good sushi, well drained sandy soil. Pretty flowers and other easy-to-fit, attractive, so by all means please challenge.


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