[Reading] prepared to speed reading

Help you work more efficiently, including reading points.

You read in my head

Loss of time and is sentences to read aloud to head words.
Without consciously trying to understand, in the brain’s unconscious because they understand no problem.
So let’s look to shed the sentences in the second. Reading and leads without words in my head the sentence becomes readable. If it can result in faster than to words in the head is finished reading sentences.

Read the good rhythm is speed reading tips

It is important to maintain speed can understand their reading.
Also be occasional and not concentrate too late to think different, cannot understand the too early. Let’s read best speed for me.

Extract keywords from

When the get keyword writing tests, first let’s focuses on keyword.
絞れたら keyword Chase sentences in the second. Reading speed cannot be understood at this time is OK.
You should scan head keywords only. However, instead of watching the whole sentence is a sentence one sentence is important. Missed keywords less than whole and efficiency will increase.


That many people read sentences quickly changed the character words it aloud in head.
Consider first without words readable sentences. Will it up if it can read the writing speed is greatly.


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