Way to experience a fun BBQ women's first meeting and enjoy Sky [ed]

Speaking of BBQ and outdoor. Is of course is the protagonist and “appetite”, therefore, have enjoyed a “supporting role” season of the even? outside of the long-awaited. For example, the sky will tell you of a season. It is seen only in this period at the end of the summer, sentimental, “ゆきあい empty”.

And the ゆきあい empty?

Easily, once saying that the sky clouds to represent summer and autumn seasons appear at the same time. And two seasons in succession ゆきあい “sky”, is a landscape of Tasmania from summer to autumn, seen only just a little time to empty.

Why called “ゆきあい”

Why called “ゆきあい”? Fall summer comes “to go”, “fit”. Two seasons pass the relay baton from between the views, it is called ゆきあい empty.

No cloud landscape-ゆきあい empty? Is seen at the time?

As you can look at the pictures, is streaked clouds fall thin cluttered, I swept my broom with the towering cloud in summer”summer white thick and ever sprang climbs and scale cloud floating in the concurrent views. The beginning of the 8, first-can be seen around the mid September fall. For example, you can park finals sunshine: koshien, often seen such scenery.

At any time, or better event asserts that distillation?

Also know this knowledge, know your opponent is just empty. Communicated properly, let me share more sentimental feelings. Tell the timing is important. Piling up facing a peak at more than I would time once within the heat, just good.
Still, after the mid-August, whenever someone “more summer soon it after it” would deem it, sentimental mode so that good when waiting or.
For example, “another summer soon it after it” for about 2 and a half seconds later time from the word, “… Do you know? I’m empty teaches it at the end of the summer “that say such a smooth way. Little by foppish way, so that side recommended that have improved their style to.

※ Talk about how wrong distillation

Lessons have humor after this erudite “you desire is not in love with ゆきあい from. From Season 4 Forever! “, And wants to showcase sense of jokes, it is 控えましょう as much as possible. So I will let certified this remark NG patterns and experience failed reverse it pulled in the women’s, would ruin the story so far “, in fact.


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