Novel-writing taboo

May be taboo to novel-writing. Before smugly innovation dares to touch the taboos also doth Let’s learn why taboo is.

Change a chubby person

A reader confusing if you change the first-person and third person sentence, would be confusing.
Better basic expressible were constant until the end of the beginning? If you really want to change the person must be explicitly does not separate the story, such as.


In the middle of the story don’t get flashbacks of.
Confusion is easy to give readers also. Long after recollection, to break down the rhythm of the story is not easy to enable.

Just taking the

Setting a solid and interesting story.
However, it developed the technology people.
Without technology is at the end of set taking but not utilized.
Prior to the Chase too taking the people to express settings just endlessly from the beginning of the story often readers away. First learning technology minimum than to let.

Repeatedly use the same expression

Easy, don’t use the same expression repeatedly.
Sentences would be tedious.
For example: “eating” and if the expression
And a mouth
Click on ḥisy
And taste
Of subjugate
-Peck And there are a lot. Let these if necessary, do not use the same expression.


Why may properly is taboo in the writing. Have dared the taboo to touch, subvert the shortcomings of the ability to let.


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