Gardening Anemone flower

Anemones bloom with lovely flowers and spring flowers. It so easy to grow instead of swoon colored garden??


  1. And care Prefers a sunny location.
    I’ll be planted hyuga.
    If you grow indoors note because the character blossomed with less than 5 degrees temperature lasts about one month.
    Motor your outdoor, so vulnerable to frost. So dry and affecting growth, dry topsoil tips with plenty water.
  2. -Increase it It grows from a bulb.
    Avoid bulbs had dry rot in rapid absorption of commercial cases, and on damp soil and to let water from the plant. Flat bulb is sharp, it will be under.
    Please note, so often different from the bulbs. Before planting leave soil mixed with lime.
    This is because need to neutralize the it dislikes acidic soils. When planting, depth 3 cm takes a larger interval. Roots deeply put so make allowance for such as potted plants.
  3. -Pest notes Rolfsii might be prone to disease. Mildew root and bulb, rotten stock will wither.
    Unfortunately pull, depends on. Because you took action not to sterilize the soil, such as to disinfect the heat of the Sun being in the prevention.
    And disinfect the soil shares that the disease was, do not use for a while. Blight is sentul. Dealing with insect boils down to the soil, so try not. Still sterilizing the soil as a prevention, including, but not.


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