[The basics] and ccTLD?

ccTLD and stands forcountry code Top Level Domain , the top-level domain allocated to each region or country in the world.

“.Jp” domain of Japan is one of the ccTLD.

Area and country code system is based on American example of :.us-, fr-France, and de-Germany by the ISO 3166 standard two-letter code as the principle, adopts an exception part ( example:.uk-United Kingdom etc ) also there. Organization certified by ICANN as a general rule, NIC (network information center) called ccTLD registration, administration, and DNS Server Administration is done.

JPRS is managing Japan JP domain registry. the domain registry has decided ccTLD acquisition requirements. Limited “and not the corporate gTLD can get anyone in the world and, in the country (living) (personal) cannot be retrieved or allowed domain registration company’s need is a registered trademark of the country.

ccTLD domain registration procedure

Not just for documents-requirements for the applicant terms and domain registrar that also, overseas domain registration regulations, multiple registration path, such as registration country and local businesses across the country domain directly.
Foreign domain ( Network Information Center ) NIC exists in each country and each region operated and managed by but is is.

※注釈 ( Internet Assigned Number Authority ) IANA

And the Organization was originally played the role of ICANN Internet supervision agencies, along with 1998, ICANN was established, now to each country NIC headquarters as ICANN’s infrastructure. Is a private infrastructure, such as the domain name and IP address will be available on the Internet ( Network Information Center ) NIC and assign ICANN/IANA to non-profit organizations.


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