How to organize your wallet

Noticed full of receipts in wallets, purses bulging Pampanga point cards… make wallet checkout has been shameful experience?
As well as discount coupons have expired, and I don’t know even though it is going to be careful from the usual, aware purse trying to organize together… messing with the point card and receipt, which is where point card….
So, introduce how to organize the purse bid from the usual care.

Never store receipts

This is obvious, so not as much as possible receipt can be let. “Put the receipt”, not in wallet and household use, decided to let you put in there.

Put point card wallet

Is fill, easy-to-the point card. This reward card that turn “ card case”, all point cards such as convenience stores and supermarkets usually often used non-.
Put some 100 yen, 50 place card case, sell in shops. I often use card case, by dividing the sushi restaurants, apparel shops and also good clarity is his will.
When they register what point card or a glance Le Sou, is very convenient. Let’s get just what you need, such as driver’s license and insurance card wallet.

For tax purse to carry

This is love, putting ball pennies, 5 yen ball and 1 yen carry around putting. From it-500 yen but not 10 yen wallet, clarity, and now you can remove.
Always the stock ¥ 5 more million and “but if another 2 Yen was くずさなくて banknotes! “Not doing what it is.


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