And the new way of working for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Recently, was to hear Word Nomad workers or the Coworking space well.
These are working towards newly spawned from advances in information technology, etc.
Introduce the meaning of the word, and benefits.

Nomad workers and

This is the English with the meaning “nomad” and “nomad”.
Currently Office and wired phone even, スマホ, mobile phone or laptop with Wifi, if any,
Now age such as confirmation of the information or materials, contact can be anywhere.
Therefore, beyond the location such as a specific Office or at home, to work in a variety of locations increases

These people now called “nomad workers”.
Small businesses often have stores such as Nomad workers don’t need to companies and entrepreneurs, Many people work as designers and engineers involved in IT.

The Coworking space

People regardless of business practices and the “Coworking” and interact, share expertise and new ideas

Refers to a new way of working and collaboration taking advantage of the strengths of each other “.
And the Coworking space is a space for collaboration between them.
Using shared user base and office space, power and Internet are available
The Coworking space is intended to work with people and for seemingly similar rental office and Cafe, the Partition, not like a private room and booth format, an open space.

Benefits of the Coworking space

And share ideas with other users and information sharing, consultation, and easy.
At startup, than rental office to rent low-cost, so recommend.
-Easy creation and to share knowledge and experience in the new service. Also, events such as seminars and workshops will be held by the Coworking space.

Introducing the Coworking space

A variety of the coworking spaces coming out Tokyo mainly.
 The Coworking search service “jp the Coworking space” ??
 Is the site you can find the coworking spaces around the country.
The coworking spaces [1 examples >
 System of GovernmentSamurai Startup Island (SSI)
 Tennozu located overseas Isle is even easier, to support start-up companies and their experts are gathered.
 Lightning Spot ?? From Shibuya Station South exit 30 seconds walk from that location.
 Entrepreneur in the Internet business, such as using more.
 System of Government under the Shimokitazawa オープンソースカフェ The Coworking space in a quiet residential area.
 Many people visit the open source Center, library.

http://www.osscafe.NET/ Freelancers and entrepreneurs want it! Try looking at once if you think that?.


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