[Gardening] raising Muscari

Muscari small flower blooms like a bunch of grapes. Will try to challenge so very easy to grow.


  1. -Plant
    Do the planting bulbs is around 9-10 October. What good well-drained soil.
    If acidic soil so hate the acid to mix, lime and a good idea. Deepen is planted in area planted and potted if advanced enough if a little more. About 5-10 at the interval.
    Not too close to look better when flowers bloom is not too far, get bunched up. Planting it, you should probably put spread between.
  2. And to raise Prefers a sunny location.
    Okay is half yin, sunny too bad hiding spindly back and becomes. Rich topsoil is dry, here is water. So went into dormancy after the flowers bloom, leaves 枯れたら water watering is necessary.
  3. -After the flowers bloomed After bloom will cut is from the groin. Keep until leaves are withering nature intact.
    Why should give nutrients the bulbs. Bulbs, you leave the bud I get next year. However, increased rapidly and cheek and leave it to tight, so best once in years to dig and back planted.
  4. -Digging up the bulbs So leaves will wither in June, much, so when up digging bulbs.
    Before that body and bulbs are divided into it remains in the soil leaves wither because the fingers. Raised digging bulbs will shade airy place. To instill will fall, let keep in place and keep good ventilation. After the fall of pieces bulblets 植え付けます.


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