[Computer news] Protocol

What is the Protocol?


  1. And Protocol People with computers around the world away to smoothly interact with information on each predetermined procedure is important.
    In this communication protocol called shall set forth the various steps as the terms and conditions
    • Information transmission of information to the address as a destination is given an address that specific address information, sent into the small size of packet data fragments IP Internet computers are transmitted, intercede for communication between the computer
    • TCP TCP Protocol is classified in the top of IP.
    TCP is a protocol that works with IP
    -To ensure the packets were split on the IP order.
    And when you receive the packet and resend requests to the source, to ensure the attainment.
    -Receiver send acknowledgement packets, reportedly receives a source, to ensure the attainment.
    And intercede for communication between the service
    • UDP A simple protocol instead of TCP unlike packet order security and retransmission request, does not ensure the packets reach with less overhead of the transmission process


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