How to large breeding Zebra Danio

May also occasionally find number of cheonggye if bred to normal Danio is quite well and I think that large trying and breeding this planned is a fleeting line. So introduce Danio my successful large breeding methods.

Materials required

  • Aquarium breeding environment fully equipped
  • Satellite or isolated NET
  • Baby food
  • Danio 5 depleted 10-


  1. The Aquarium breeding environment equipped to breeding Zebra Danio normally 10 from 5.
  2. Normally fed, 10 dates then raised intact.
  3. Equipped with satellite or Internet isolated because deer also look at the Act of laying should have laying, Danio depleted there.
  4. 1-2 Weeks left, Zebra Danio over one hundred glass side of the main aquarium fish should stick intact.
  5. Food, until FRY comes as begins to swim once all larvae swim start giving the baby.
  6. You grow large larvae do not prey on the depleted depleted isolated back into the main tank,.
  7. Danio is more optionally repeat this procedure.
  8. Repeated 混ぜず parents and FRY, FRY are moved to another tank and tips back to the parent main tank again.

Notes and tips

  • Surround yourself from thinking what to Danio grew.


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