HP tricks superscript, subscript

Not want to give change little characters appear on? Good to highlight something bold and italic, but I want different usage. Superscript and subscript it? so when?

Superscript and subscript is simple.
If you want to superscript surround the characters for <SUP> </SUP> tags, If you subscript is surrounding the characters <SUB> </SUB> tags only.
Example )
<P> plain text <SUP> superscript text </P> text </SUP> of normal Only “superscript text” surrounded by the <SUP> tag above will be superscript.
text </P> text <SUB> subscript text </SUB> of ordinary <P> of normal So here is around the <SUB> tag “subscript text” only makes the subscript.
Well, let’s do feel a bit fancy. text < FONT COLOR = # ff0000 >< SUP > superscript <P> plain text </P> text </SUP> </FONT> of normal
This superscript text turns red. Is it fashionable to change color and size of the good.


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