HP tricks pop-up

Mobile sites and blogs has been getting a lot who will mainstream is still making the personal.
Tags without dedicated software is much more than getting will do a taste kinda way not too greedy and want to build. We introduce such tricks.

The pop-up comes out in you?

Quite frequently or advertising banners.
Too bad impression may be 居ら due to image popups =.
However, depending on the usage of anything. For example, after you click the thumbnails to pop it?
So let’s? how do I use for the.
< A href = / "javascript:w=window.open(/ ‘ ‘);w.focus(); / “> address; > test </A> Set the address to open the address.
Landing in this popup will be displayed.
However, cannot, and that’s it, pop-up window size is given by the You can display scroll bars is not inconvenient.
The add address behind the scrollbars, Width and Height. / ‘> > ‘ address > < A href = / "javascript:w=window.open(/ ‘,’, ‘ scrollbars = yes, Width = 100 Height = 100 / ‘);w.focus(); / “> test </A>
scrollbars = yes, scrollbars scrollbars = no, bar none, and Width and Height is the height width. Size to fit the size of the image will be good.


Is not just bad advertising pop-up images, but not from the waste. Devise and try to use it??


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