How to use the Amazon gift certificate

Amazon gift certificate for gifts only プレゼント 用 だけ で なく 使える 買い物 個人 の に も can be used for personal shopping. Its basic purpose,

How to buy

Amazon gift certificates as well as buying directly from the site, and can be purchased in convenience stores.
It is available for gifts, personal, or both.
7-Eleven, Lawson, family math, is sold from 3000 yen.
Purchased note once you registered the account be used whenever possible, because depending on the format of the gift certificate expiration date. Site type is 3, and year, from Mel E type ( in both individuals purchase )

Purchase marketplace products effortlessly

Is payment card base, not cod or convenience store payment for marketplace items in many Amazon gift certificate and supports payments marketplace products, is available to purchase card payment is not even. Spread width of shopping purchase also possible so owned,



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