How to take identification to use certification photos and resume.

Use certificate photos in the identification and curriculum vitae.
When used as a license or a passport until you update the photo is much the same photos, CV for use when it is more often than not to affect the outcome of the interview. Hopefully, more and more! In fact more (?! ) And no time has taken go to photo shop, is not beautiful photogenic you want, and no such money.
Introducing the method better reflects the recommended the certification photo so. I or many think and not convinced satisfactory speed photos, station, photo up to tell the truth, with a little ingenuity can the certificate picture taking beautiful, even more speed photo.

Use a white handkerchief

When speed pictures leave spread white handkerchiefs above the knee. Reflections on Flash white handkerchief, so light would be like from the face of the entire face bright gonna take beautiful photos.

A little heavy make-up

Women makeup everyday, only a little darker than first, and the face makes clear. Also, some color darkness. Is so incidentally cut Foundation reflects light Flash, better avoided.

To clean the glass

Glass is often overlooked and unexpected, in front of the camera.
Actually it is dirty, is photographed with beautiful pictures. Before taking pictures, let’s wipe and Sather.

It suits even wear dark clothes

Speed Photo Flash and background is set dressed in dark suits and take pictures for. So, image taking wearing white clothes, and the overall ボヤーっと.


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