Net terms Oh lines

Net start to recommend. This is a glossary of terms commonly used in the net.

Item charge?? To buy certain items from the operation.
The free net revenue that seem roughly at this item charge.
But of course different from the RMT is an illegal act.
That account.
Grime bang?? Bang and BAN.
Things prohibited, cheating, operated by accounts frozen and removed it.
That BAN by the operation of wrongfully convicted, or grime van 踏み出せない as too contrary to strict sometimes silence flashed grime van’s a bad management of users, disposal there.
Account?? ID and password to log into the game. And rights to log in.
There is character information used in the game each account.
Active?? One of the types of enemy action.
According to nearby enemies that attack type.
Memorize?? One of the スキルタイプ.
That skill to fire at any time the player type.
A system of Government Thanks thanks abbreviations. Stealthy times hitting enemies like attacking in real situation, “thank you”. It is not courtesy never mean.
“And ^ ^” and “is w” such as ending what can give.
System of Government in
Abbreviation for login.
Retire?? To quit the game. If you intentionally stop is used.
Naturally without too much reduced the number of login.
WebMoney?? One of the prepaid electronic money. Are dealing with a company called WEBMONEY. Use item charge. Advantage of prepaid, so unintended use too, such as credit card fell hard.
And no buy catch garbages to have.
System of government administration That company management and to the net.
There are a lot of it unfortunately is disliked by the user.
Amy mackerel?? Emulate the EMU, Saba stands for the server. Emulated server.
The server’s server live created to emulate etc..
Random encounter system of Government When you entered the combat situation, and encountered the enemy on the field that is used.
Do not use if already visible appearance of enemies on the map.
Open Beta?? Without limiting the number of players made beta tests.
For flippancy compared to closed beta test tester, towards the official open access centralized server load confirmation and final check is performed.
System of Government and k OK you.
OK typing in hiragana input to become your k.
Fall, fell, おちます, fall, etc.
Deliberately log out if you can declare ( おちます, fall, etc ), if circumstances such line cuts out to force ( fell and ) to use.
You can use server is dropped, if not connect to server
Offline?? Back online.
That the State is logged.
Heavy?? Heavy work.
That if the server or client is with 追いつかなかったり screen, such as slow.
Online?? The opposite of offline.
State is log
, Izumiotsu?? Short for congratulations.
B, please ー at least.
System of Government and increase Congratulations thanks stands. Another courtesy is not there as well, isn’t.




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