[Mods] make the z’gok is money! Model Kit

The LEDs shine model kits. Retrofitting a Gunpla recalls who has made a model kits even once?
This time let’s realize it in HGUC char’s z’gok. One, the only money (part of the eye) shine. And why say HGUC char’s z’gok, and choose for remodeling from head first decay, and contents of lean on two points. Little MS etc ) ( e.g. Zaku head is wired into the narrow space, it is serious. That mods easier for the above reasons, z’gok, that is.

Materials required

  • [vc] HGUC MSM-07s z’gok [/vc]
  • ping [vc] bis [/vc]
  • [vc] high luminance LED Red [/vc] ( 3 mm ball )
  • [vc] battery box [/vc]
  • [[vc] battery snap /vc]
  • 10 Core code (copper)
  • [vc] product [/vc]


  1. To start make money detaches from the runner procedures 17-19 in the description part of preparation. So Pierce parts from here, also pierced temporary have built-in Windows per issue, it seems so far.
  2. It is up the part number A22. Fine pin vise, drills the hole where lit photo round. If no ping Vice can also pierced by force, pointed or Kiri driver recommended does so difficult to open the hole so far aimed at. Top missile ( = ボツボツ the guy ) is so and no tint at this time cannot be after, left with appropriate Gundam marker (gray).
  3. After this hole. It looks through a hole pin Vice behind the case. Check whether LED into at this point. If the hole as slightly smaller, and do spread the holes slightly and bar files?
  4. Here is the part number A6. Half of the two originally open holes, drills a hole in a fine pin vise. Read the code from this hole. Because you have two code through the allows hole bar file if necessary.
  5. Through hole just opened the A6 part number code of the soldered power snap and 10 core code, LED respectively. Power snap red code black code “+”, “-” has become. (Anode), “+” short more better foot long it led (= ガソード) “-” and so is the anode connects black Code Red code, ガソード. You will not use in length was not sufficient simply to using the 10 core code, power snap code excels, especially 10 core code.
  6. Code, adjusting, will 組上げて manual steps 17-19. Connect battery box and power test. Because money shines the electric increasingly through without problems. Just because the remaining part, partners simply to omit, to arrange, “[hit! -Newbies] [article summary: how to finish on the further model kits“try and see.
  7. “When combined with the mean power connection is finished!

Notes and tips

  • Grins is hot so very, please careful handling.
  • Using parts you can buy on the Internet by clicking links in the material field.
  • I think material go into hand or model shop.
  • Where soldered rolled vinyl tape is isolated.
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