List of computer language

“So memorize the programming it is better for computer languages list. Know the characteristics of each match to learn why?

System of Government in the JAVA Must be fairly strong to write code, there seems to be low, hassle many degrees of freedom.
However, at least minimal bugs, not unreasonable coding such as.
To assemble on the chatter that predetermined rules, called beginners.
System of Government VisualBasic Standard for application development. Place buttons on the screen, pressing buttons to what? It should just repeat such a thing.
Language easy to use even beginners.
Rules are not determined as JAVA gatigati, remain in some degree of freedom. That it can be applied benefit VBA for Excel and Word in the same Microsoft products. Basic description of the VBA-VB itself.
Keep in mind that it would not hurt.
System of Government c Beginners are not. Newbie to study in self-taught higher hurdle. However, the resulting is greater.
Or you can go pretty deep into computer language, running on what works and let you know.
It would not hurt if you think seriously studying and learning.
System of Government VB.NET VisualBasic.NET’s formal name. VB name attached, is quite different. To object-oriented programming such as JAVA and got it.
From learning VisualBasic to migrate to VB.NET if so little arduous, first learn VB.NET are would be better.
■C# Beginners learn not in c# are relatively good do? Many similar to JAVA, rather then turned in for surface is better than. If the main to Yuki learning Microsoft System, beginning c#?
Remember this, is whether and even a.
System of Government JavaScript Language running on the browser. JavaScript is the name of another JAVA relatives is not.
However, often use JavaScript to use JAVA to supplement the behavior. A simple behavior, of course, can complex behavior.
But the main development is never. Speaking and use even beginners can use, not the ones to start to learn. Moreover other languages feel less to remember.


I gathered a general rise in corporate recruiting for many computer languages. Of course, are also in various computer languages.
Computer language is fast and increasing the type, such as power struggle situation. However, that 覚えろ all of them, such as the impossible story. First, master of one of the language.
Basic idea, about himself so and make high-quality language changed if it acquired a basic idea of memorize several languages in reverse, also has said and high-quality ones cannot be made. Spread until you master the road long, good luck.



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