File extension list

As 3 characters before and after being made since the dot file name and extension. Is a that represents the file type extension, to determine what files or in the eyes of the people. And know is such list can even be useful, but without fine.

.AIF,.aiff AIFF files.
In a standard format for Macintosh series.
Animated cursors
.avi AVI files.
Multimedia files used in the Microsoft Video for Windows.
-Backup files with extension.
-Batch Windows.
-Binary files.
.bmp -Bitmap.
To save a standard image file format Windows bitmap format
And one of the help file that comes with software for Windows.
.CSS -Cascading style シートファイル.
Specification W3C recommendation, instructs the view represented by HTML markup language, such as look ( )
.dat And data files.
File users to directly read mostly isn’t.
Microsoft Word files.
.DCR Shockwave-related files. Stick to the movie was created by the Director for the multimedia authoring software developed by Macromedia, Inc.”.
Playback software company “Shockwave” is required to play
.dic Dictionary file.
Used as a MS-IME dictionary files.
.dll Windows dynamic link library.
No users to start directly.
.exe -Windows executable file. You do not inadvertently strange EXE file.
You may have a computer virus.
-Windows font files.
.gif GIF files.
Image format to enable up to 256 color image expression.
, Windows Help file.
.htm,.html HTML file. HTML document.
HTML source.
.ini Settings file.
(Initialize) initialization file.
.jpg,.jpeg Jpeg files. Lossy compression formats.
One respondent also lossless compression supported.
-JavaScript source files.
.log Log file.
Files, resulting in glitches is used to retrieve error information occurs.
.lzh Format, LHA compressed files.
To decompress LZH compression-enabled software.
.mid,.midi -MIDI file.
Music file.
.mpg,.mpeg MPEG files.
Video file.
Microsoft PowerPoint files.
.reg And registry.
Don’t be messing with users without knowledge of never is.
And system files.
.tar -Tar format archive files.
Need software to unzip the compressed formats.
.tgz Tar+gzip format compressed files.
Need software to unzip the compressed formats.
.tmp Temporary file. File temporarily made during installation.
Period stand essentially erased by the operating system.
.txt -Text file.
Simple textual information file.
.xls,.xlsx,.xlsm, Microsoft Excel files.
extension is changed, such as.xlsx, office2007.
.zip Format, ZIP compressed files. Need software to unzip the corresponding to the target format.


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