DisneySea attraction "turtle talk"

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Area: waterfront
: Type theatre experience
Duration: 12 minutes
Ride capacity: 200 persons
Usage restrictions: none
Open: 10/1/2009
Sponsor: none Introduction: FP: no


  1. [Seat]
    Before the 3 column dedicated children’s mezzanine.
    Adults across the aisle, the rear seat.

    So far as to sit front central seats.
    Sea turtle crush and enjoy conversation, interactive tourist attraction.

    “Turtle talk-HP” is!
    Invest in Fluor 1300000000 ¥ S… S… Colombia issue stern, construction.
    Real time tempo of good conversation, the latest technology.

    Wonder if the beautiful visual beauty and precision of high technology.
    Screen is setting a glass window separating the sea and ships.

    The story said the crash is coming to play there.
    You can crash and really like conversations has experience.
    Crash is a 150-year-old sea turtle.


    Have a son named スクワート.
    Our slogan is
    Crash “Hey, it best why e-”
    Increase the hands theme “e-”
    Many times it is….
    Conversation crashes and child theme is central.
    For example, crash in questions to the child- “The name? “” And where they come from? “” And no one came?
    」 “00-CHAN’s dad, is where to?
    “I felt the conversation.

    Then, begins the questions.
    Crash all answer guest’s questions.
    Strange question is!
    However for the unanswerable question
    “From alive 150 years of experience answering to do not know…”

    It is said.
    Adult guests are asked suddenly.
    There were a lot of questions to the “Dada” glasses is on the experience.
    ( crash are saying and goggles… )
    Guests of the “cover” also had questions.

    Question is easy-to-go looks notable guest.
    Voice of crash’s raw voice cast.
    No weird voice machine is not being used, has to speak in real time.

    It is those who are active at each attraction, MC.
    Video shot with the LCD closed the attraction in the can. Camera flash photography is not permitted.


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