[Beginner] Golf basics

I think too much jargon and difficult image is golf?.
Windmill and pencil golf in such hurdles easily, to beginners
Introduces the basic terms of golf.

• Play •
Golf is a game only held called the Golf Club, golf compete lack of scoring until into the hole ( said Hall or Cup) goals and from the trailhead teeing ground.

• Ball •
4.3 Cm diameter, and weighs about 45 g Hall of 4.25 inches (10.8 cm) diameter ( exactly ball diameters is 42. 67 mm, weight is 45. has been decided and must be less than 93 g. )

• Club
Up up to 14 can be used in the competition. Club type, such as wood, iron, wedge and putter and, used those clubs such as orbital distance and required a ball to play.

◆ course
Competitions and usually in the 18-hole course, each Hall has “par” means provisions bats.
Middle hole, a par 5 hole short-hole, par 4 hole is called par 3 holes and a long run. Also, is the sum of the 18-hole par 70-72 is common.
9 Holes in the first half is called in nine holes out, in the second half.

• Score
Below the stroke rules scoring each hole (par) that Bertie,
2 Strokes below is referred to as the Eagle.
Conversely, three shot a double bogey, will triple bogey and bogey two RBIs, if the stroke is.
Starting golf’s first big hurdle is that cut 100 with a total score of 18-hole (round 1) 110-120 is common women’s first goal.
• Stadium way
Compete in total scoring and match play will compete every hole where strokes ( Medal )
Play there. That may also compete in the team.

• Rules regarding
If you act in a situation in golf balls and physically strikes or forbidden, such as the rules depending how competition and penalties the penalties (penalties) according to the rules. Plus scoring, depending on the contents, or count or disqualified. At present, including the Japan,
Go anywhere in the world to spread almost uniform rules.


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