[Beauty] surprising tricks when buying beauty products at the drug store to fail

“I want to buy cosmetics!
“Greed, speedy can buy drugstore.
The idea of affordable cosmetic tightly lined, will be playing. But even in many places at the small failures.
So we told three surprising tips, never fail when we buy drugstore beauty products!

When trying out the new makeup items bring items

If you “for example, new Foundation want to buy”. A drug store, “and try to brand the price and is also affordable 価格 も し だ お 手頃 この際 新しい new in this case?!
“It struck me you may think. However, select the suitable color “back when it was not suitable and the color of the skin and disappointed” what experience do?
Is it color and all the products department store cosmetics counter, the drugstore is affordable only, sometimes I do not put the Foundation tester.
Deprived of the OTC advertising image character actresses wearing inadvertently because not thoroughly test each color flavor, color, and actually “buy stuff yourself totally disagree! “I can be.
Large and active from the usual big active’s long-awaited purchase want huh good buys.
So let’s compare item intact to take patronage in Foundation and would like!
If you only buy the same stuff just refrain from number and color, although different brand products, such as color and Pearl of depends on the each brand. So, pick color similar to compare and marking items failed.

Beware of “low-price make-up items”,

Drugstore enjoyment are finding bargains from low-price items. However, too sometimes are either because things that resemble experience luxury bad stuff that needs attention.
And skincare items will take care of constituents who are directly put on the same skin and ( hardest ) point make-up products such as eyeshadow and lipstick, while “lucky color OK”, because all surprising many ingredients, try aware of it!

Check the product stock status

“Where sunlight hit the kind of things! 」
You may feel such unwanted surprises in the drugstore. Many stores in the city faces the busy road to the door. As a result, has influenced climate outside. This is a feature of the Japan drug store.
…… That, originally, avoid high temperature and high humidity store, also witnessing made outside Sun sunny skincare items should be saved in a cool, dark place, but during the campaign, in fact. Product stock status in the OTC is a surprise overlook.


How did you find?
You’ll likely come across the best cosmetics for his drug store, consider these three points, then up! Please try it.


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