The [Auto] to avoid accidents

Convinced of the automobile is useful, and danger of accidents. Problem can you do if other side let’s keep is not, at least as would an accident from my mind.

Risk of accident is convinced of the car if you ride. But not if the responsibility of the person, at least avoid the accident from his careful. But how do I?
Having the most relaxed. You won’t have a relaxed time, impatient of course overlook risk of accident. Near but without the dangerous road, and may be able to pass the safe indirect way.
And is valid with composure in time. Also including commuting and road take note 10 minutes too. At children walk walking trail though the danger and will forecast the movement. Should be rather careful is a bicycle.
I’m going to move beyond imagination or side by side with a friend in Jabber distracted attention time, suddenly comes at the roadway. Bike was mandated by law to run Expressway.
( is most driving roadway bike was right up to now…. ) Further, now have to put it.
Will often signal once established in a dangerous way to survive. However, not be established otherwise in unfortunately moving personal.
Also collected signatures not immediately moving in. Get yourself safe is only. Dangerous driving as well as their own would involve up to others. Let me drive.


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