Manicures [beauty] efficient use

-Dry Nail Polish in the fastest way
And how Nail Polish scratches to undo And how to utilize the remaining Polish

Dry Nail Polish in the fastest way

Not dry easily and also frequently as a fashionable finger paint manicure nails, I guess.
If painted, especially before the morning work late burishi yabu has.
But there are way too damn early easily dry Nail Polish.
How Polish painted first ordinary and cold water just a few seconds. This is just amazing dry faster.

How to Polish scratches to undo

Long-awaited painted Nail Polish, though no manicure was non-existent bald brought out a little?
And also takes effort also remap the manicure when such. So when you recommend.
How you can easily heal that wound.
Simply painted nail oil hand cream, 1 minute from the left fills the cream and muzzles. And if you fix this wound.

How to utilize the remaining Polish

1. At rustproofing manicure
Without abandoning the Polish frozen to keep to the Toolbox.
It is effect of rustproofing Nail Polish ingredients. Purchase such as rustproofing spray bother this fine.
How difficult get 2 buttons!
No off button common thread I can?
Button clues sunscreen so when extra Polish.
Just buttons difficult get. If you can let tinplates color.


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