Why not using the pen tablet once or

Also, use the mouse to paint around draw is somehow like painting, and using the mouse and draw the picture a little better I think limits.

When using the first drawing software in PC still remember touching. Oh that draw lines of various kinds and I mean between the color 流し込め in 1, redo it made many times.
I thought it useful. Can one just like that came out. Line, about street and clean lines of thought. It becomes a considerably different picture somehow line had outdone to unrelated direction, and making your own, and eventually wanted to draw pictures.
Did you know there is a pen tablet device. Just use a pen instead of a mouse, like ordinary pencil. Wacom company products are famous, draw a picture to it are people sticking to the essentials. Most people are using this animator. Also hear who is often also the cartoonist. I think and also sees use in their once they surprised goodness for their performance.


In the future, electronic Blackboard may be introduced to the school. Age to use the electronic blackboard, e-books: electronic notes may come. Not in mouse eyes at that time, this tablet might be.


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