[Beauty] how to heal chapped lips

Is useful for chapped lips like a trick.
Try how to suit you.

Part 1

There are often painted, lip balm, 保てれば good moisture
No such time toward featured way.

Minimize chapped lips long way. 1.
  Warm lips.

Bath, to focus the towel. 2.

Latex paint with lips. 3.

Some fish emulsion paint lip balm.
It’s OK.
Is able to lip balm protect latex and keep lips moisturized for a long time. Give it a try.

Part 2

Chapped lips can reduce how anyone can easily.
Kinda how we normally use lip balm is changed.
The easy way, and the ordinary paints lip balm sideways lips, while
Is paint it diligently lip balm in the vertical direction.
Organization of lips turned down, lip balm effectively penetrates better painted portrait. Please try to portrait painting from this.


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