[Coin collecting] new discoveries! Giza secrets and dozens of value

Hi, Wow is Garnet staff well.
So far today, I bought tea in the vending machine as usual…
Fishing in Giza found dozens. 10 Yen in 0/1952 ball.
There are always all should care
Coin collecting is the hobby was a lazier and NAA Inadvertently become anxious.

Light-not feelings, listen to other staff, and “Worth the minutes did 200 yen it 0/1952? “With answer!
Giza is 10 so what Wow’s!
And care and I looked a lot.

Giza’s ten what?

Giza Japan manufactured from 1951 ( 0/1951 ) until 1958 ( 0/1958 ) ten (ぎざじゅう), refers to coins 10 yen ( ( 0/1956 ) in 1956, the unpublished ). Known so widely (132 units) many grooves carved into the edge of the coin, and to the jagged.

( jagged ) Giza is that remnants that were once expensive coins. The Giza is seen in the coins of the same age from 1948 ( 0/1948 ) 1949 ( 0/1949 ) ¥ 5 coins,, 1950, 1948 ( 0/1948 ) ( 0/1950 ) of present Penny coins, etc.

from Wikipedia

In other words, Giza tens is a coin made in just 7 years
Jagged edge over ball and 10 yen current easy to distinguish because Coin collecting hobby even more as it is being collected.

Giza worth tens of

About money in General,
Issuance less, unread status, such as the use of good,
Typographical errors and error coins, usually in one State is unlikely Such as being rare high.
On the other hand Giza dozens, issuance also split and lot, It is really almost not to premium.
However, some 10 yen price of 10,000 yen more come to the ball in what it is!

0/1952 Giza was ten….

Ball 12 ~ 20 yen worth much really examined it was 10 yen 0/1952, Look, was the secret 0/1952 of a little ball 10 yen!
The truth “0/1951 And 27 years of Phoenix byoudouin hououdou on tail facing ball on the 10 yen!
So that is.
With that said, 0/1952 got the Giza is ten to check immediately.

This building is the byodoin Phoenix Hall.
And essentiality of Phoenix here.
So because you do not know ーーーー not hard to at least Using a magnifying glass, it may be better.

Unfortunately tail is pointing down jade has 10 yen.
(Laughs) I just pounding


Giza’s is 10 it was worth no more Giza everyone is familiar to try looking for decades, why?
It is interesting as a little treasure hunt.
Or found in 0/1951 Phoenix tail down Have such unusual coins!
And who says Today, Wow perfect!
The articles and try to share. Awaits you!


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