Easy to join the people drink alcohol banquet set-up

Think if only the people who drink alcohol all the people who participate in set-up even easier is completely undrinkable even though during the. If open drinking shops introduce the tricks of the Secretary’s attention.

Separate seats

And those who drink and drink
First toast on the seating arrangement that people drink and people who drink alcohol if possible tables set up separately.
Table for people who drink to drink alcohol, drink is started, will, placed only tea and juice, not people who each other without a care. And people who drink alcohol so that I can recognize each other to drink.
Women and men
Women 飲めなくて themselves have also become even fallow at care with men, or recommend you drink like a lot like you.
Even men and women even drinks compulsively advisable for people who drink alcohol is no help in distress. Also at some time later raised if you are like many people I want to talk with the opposite sex atmosphere good hosting is redraws time etc.

Consider membership

Is the high price is often compared to alcohol, soft drinks. All you can drink, but people remember a little frustration for people who drink alcohol also seems.
So might seem unfair thing to pay the same dues as often, consider the percentage of dues and people who drink, check out people who drink alcohol ago.
I think people who drink alcohol ¥ 500 fee also one way to about 1000 Yen-cheaper.


Want is people drinking also drink you want to join group think, everyone is having fun end of.


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