[Summary] winter featured power-saving feature comparison

Winter power shortages remain concerned about summer.
Lots of sites, but Internet

Has posted a power-saving feature but there are a lot. So, I gathered the winter featured power-saving feature.

“Place your e-mailing” of power toy featured

Lights to reduce power consumption and power, used goods are brought together.

IRIS Plaza power saving feature

Toy help air conditioning, lighting, home appliances and if the planned outage is introduced.

Mega power saving feature

Products to power or earthquake is introduced.

Rakuten market power-saving feature

Is a power-saving feature the kotatsu, heating, bedding, curtains and Interior.

Nissen was the collection


暖まれる such as bedding in the clothing and home, was featured in the toy.

Appliances featured spend warm HanseNet

Is the introduction to spend the winter warm living items.


Rather than put up with a cold, used for various goods and items and can power power even fun. Everyone enjoys this winter you want power?


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