[Saving tips: how to make homemade detergent

Because detergents are consumables, using every day and we lost, don’t buy it every time. However, preferably homemade detergent can reduce spending significantly. We will introduce how to.

Lower cost than commercial homemade detergent, charm is environment-friendly. First of all, is how to make paste of baking soda can be used instead of cleanser. Put the baking soda and water bottles, jam. The lid is I threw well. Before you use is tricks make.
Baking soda stains acid strong, demonstrate to oil stains effect. Use the vinegar, alkaline stains. Blending water and vinegar 味醂 or additives such as not entering, put the bottle of spray type used. Since vinegar has bactericidal effect, chopping blow it is OK.
Oily smell can be substituted but a citrate. You also love saving fun homemade detergent?


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